We have a long history with SEO. It's very easy to be drawn in to the hype of companies who say they get get you good positions in Google. They very rarely deliver. We believe in a process of analysis and action that puts your website in the best position to rank highly and to SEO Gloucetsrshire based companies using natural, safe means

When preparing to climb a mountain, pack a light heart

Many companies are surprised that when they put their website online they’re not right at the top of the search results. Even with the rise of social media, good search ranking can bring you good leads and sales, especially when those searches are targeted but getting up there is as much an art form as it is a science.

My website has run smoothly and it has been comfortable to add and alter all content. I haven’t managed to break anything and your staff have been very helpful answering all queries.
J. D. Kelly

Our mission is your message

We do what’s known as ‘White Hat’ SEO. It’s completely search engine friendly. It ends up giving you a website that the search engines want to like because we follow their rules. We analyse your site on a monthly basis to make sure we’re keeping you in the best position possible and alter what’s needed for optimal results.

Thank you so much and we both are amazed at the quality and how you have fitted this in for us. You are one hell of a star.

How do we do it?

Analysis is the cornerstone of your SEO campaign. We look at where you are now and where your competition is and, as much as possible, match the structure of your site to your competitors. Then we analyse where this has taken you and make little modifications to your site month-on-month until you finally rank for the terms you need.

We also do what’s known as ‘off site’ SEO. This is where the biggest chance of annoying the search engines can occur so we are very careful not to go overboard by doing this. We build a few quality links that Google will see as a vote for your website. That’s really all you need.

Finally, and most importantly, we plug your site in to our SEO software to keep track of the data we gather, your search engine position, your competitors site alterations and the links we have built.

With our SEO, your site grows organically until you have the rankings that you need.

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How Search Engines Work

Search engines do two things with your website. They crawl and index. Crawling uses little programs that are known as 'Spiders'. The search engine spider visits your site and tries to interpret it, storing the data as it finds it.

Once all of the information is gathered it is put through the search engines algorithm. This is basically a set of instructions that Google et al use to put your site in the correct position. It would be really easy to rank a website if the search engines told us what those rules were. They don't, which is why the need for the research we do.

My Search Engine Optimisation Philosophy

I've been interested in SEO for many years and in that time I have seen lots of people trying lots of different things. The best options have always been to follow the lead of the search engines. If they want quicker sites? Give them quicker sites. If they want targeted information, give them that as well.

Search engines are their to serve their customers as much as you are to serve yours. It's no good trying to fight against what they are doing. They are too big and have too many resources. Ultimately, if you do things to try and fool them you are only hurting yourself. You don't want to get ranked for your desired keyword only to find your content isn't good enough. All that's going to happen is people will click away again. That's what search engines are trying to stop. That's why we should listen to them. It's their sandbox so lets use the buckets and spades they let us have and not worry about the inflatable dingy they want us to keep out of it.